MysticSheepStudios Mystic Sheep Studios is the home of the artistic endeavors and collaborations of the Ewing family. It is the creatively fertile ground from which Urban Fey blossomed and the seeds of other projects are taking root. The mayhem, occasional escaped words, and ink splatters reflect our wide ranging talents as they intermingle and branch out. The mother-daughter team of Kimberley Long-Ewing and Rhea Ewing form the foundation and driving force of the studio. They seek out the unusual and sublime in both their collaborations and individual works. Other members of the family contribute to the fun and chaos from time to time as well, providing inspiration and their own unique works. The books and original art work of Mystic Sheep Studios will take you on unexpected journeys into other realms and show you reality from new perspectives.

Kimberley Long-Ewing Rhea Ewing

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